Sunday, 22 January 2012

Soap and Glory Review

Hiya everyone :)
Hope everyone's had a lovely weekend :). I've had a chilled out one, spent time with my boyfriend and had a Chinese with my lovely friends last night. And i'm now currently laying on the sofa watching telly and looking at lovely blogs. 

So this is my very first review and i wanted to share my thoughts with you on a luvvvvly Soap & Glory gift set i got for Christmas. It was a bargain too reduced from £60 to £25, yayyyyy!!
This is the lovely case the products came in, all together there were 10 full-size products.

Pulp Friction
I think this is the perfect body scrub for both before and after applying fake tan as the small beads in it gently buff away dead skin leaving your skin silky smooth and unpatchy (yep technical term right there ;)) :). And as with all Soap & Glory products it smells absolutely gorge!!! I haven't really got anything negative to say about this product other than if you have very sensitive skin you may find that it's a little too harsh.  

Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath
If i'm completely honest I haven't tried this product, as i'm much more of a shower girl and don't really enjoy baths as they're either too hot or too cold, haha ;) sorry. But it does smell divine and the packaging is lovely :)

Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel
To me this product has quite a luxurious feel to it which makes using it even more enjoyable :). The bottle is absolutely huge at 500ml and and a little goes a looong way as it lathers up so well, it will last you ages. I also love the way the smell of this product which lingers on the skin for quite a few hours after your shower. And even my mum keeps stealing it off me to use ;). I also love the way it looks sitting on the side of my shower. Out of all the Soap and Glory products in the gift set i think this is my favourite :). 

Face Soap & Clarity Foaming Face Wash
This is a 3-in-1 product which aims to smooth, cleanse and scrub the skin. I do think it is a great cleanser as it makes my skin feel squeaky clean and fresh. I wouldn't really recommend this as a facial scrub as it's not really very exfoliating, which i prefer in facial scrubs however, if you just wanted a cleanser then this will definitely do the job :). You only need a small amount as it foams up nicely which is great as it will last a while. 

Hand Food
I love this!!! With a lot of hand creams i find they leave a greasy residue on my hands, which i hate however, this does not. I also like that this sinks in fast and leaves me with super silky hands. I don't really suffer with dry hands but i do love using hand creams hehe especially this oneeee, my new favourite :).

Heel Genius
Similar to the Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath, i don't really use foot creams as i don't really get dry feet. And as it's Winter i don't really have my feet on show, so maybe i'll save this one for the summer to get my feet sandal-ready :).

Mist You Madly Body Spray
First of all i adore the smell of this! It smells amazing! This product is great for chucking in your bag and spritzing while on the go, as it's plastic there's no need to worry about the bottle breaking whilst in your bag which i always worry about when carrying perfume. 

Sexy Mother Pucker in Candy Gloss
As I have thin lips :( i enjoy trying products that claim to plump them and make them appear fuller. This product does make my lips look fuller and i also think the colour is nice. However this gloss is so sticky and my hair kept getting stuck to my lips haha! I wouldn't recommend this product if your not comfortable with a tingling sensation on your lips - i didn't really mind it though. 

The Righteous Butter
I've seen this product talked about quite a lot on blogs, so i was very excited to try it :). This is a fantastic product particularly if you have dry skin, which i do. It smells gorgeous on the skin and leaves your skin feeling hydrated. The only thing is i find it takes quite a while to sink in, but that could just be me haha. 

Sorry if this post was a little on the long side! But i hope you liked it :) you can find all the products in Boots.

Thanks for reading :)
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  1. I love Soap and Glory products. They smell like Miss Dior Cherie.

    I need to purchase the Body Mist! :D

  2. i got this soap and glory set for christmas and i now swear by soap and glory, all of their products smell so nice! i deffo followed, such a lovely blog you have :') hope you can check out my blog and follow back if you like it :) thanks so much sweetie <3 XXX


  3. I saw this sooo many times in boots but never picked it up - silly me! Such a bargain too!

    Great post :) xxx

  4. Amy - Ooo me too :) and i've never tried Miss Dior Cherie but i've heard they smell similar. xxx

    PinkVick - Ahhh i love Soap and Glory! Thankyou :) have just checked yours out hun and am now following, look forward to more posts from you :) xxx

    Alicia - Yeah i love it :) such a bargain. xxx

    Dotty Dolly - Oh no! Haha, i couldn't justify spending £60 on it but couldn't resist for £25 :) thanks for your comment xxx

  5. Lovely post and lovely blog, I've never tried Soap and Glory, may have to give it a try soon! xxxx

  6. Stephanie - You definitely should, you won't be disappointed :) thank youuu! xxx

  7. i wanna try that! i love the kit`!

    love your blog!

  8. I got this gift set for Christmas too!! I love the Foamy Fruity Scrub!! It's my favourite xxx

    1. I love it!! Yeah i thinks its great too! Thanks for your comment hun :)